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IT consulting

Many company executives in various industries use our services. We help to achieve high performance and debug the work of information systems of a company. We are independent experts and can consider different situations from different angles. Our experts will help to identify the existing imperfections of information systems.

It is no secret that any activity of the company is based on the use of the information environment. Effective implementation of IT-technologies into the processes of activities will help to quickly achieve the goals set, including good financial and economic results.

This is facilitated by IT-consulting - advisory activity, which focuses on projects for information support and support of business processes of the company. It provides an independent expert assessment regarding the effectiveness of the use of information and telecommunication technologies. Our company, which has the necessary potential, can perform a range of IT consulting services at facilities of any category of complexity.

Consulting services are needed when information technologies used in various business processes do not meet modern requirements, operate on the basis of outdated software and hardware, thereby creating delays in decision making and inhibit various business processes.

The consequences of taking measures to introduce IT technologies into the established system lead to the systematic circulation of unnecessary and irrelevant information, the adoption of irrational decisions, including the creation of unnecessary structures, reports and the formation of various kinds of data that, in fact, cannot be joined, combined into uniform format. It is impossible to adequately assess the results of the work. Ineffective internal and external communications, complex schemes of authority and authority also contribute to the disruption of effective business.
Such a situation in the company significantly reduces the efficiency and effectiveness in all areas of the company, makes it difficult to achieve goals and planned outcomes. All this can lead to a crash.

The main tasks of IT consulting:

• Identification of “bad places” and identification of inefficient use of the system in the company. The result of this work is a report in which the client receives a complete set of recommendations for correcting the identified shortcomings.

• Determination of the cost and timing to eliminate existing shortcomings.

• Assessment of the need for resources of various categories: financial, industrial, intellectual, etc.

• Selection of the optimal set of tools for implementing the presented changes, taking into account the internal specifics of the enterprise.

• Any company IT-consulting is necessary when information technologies are already involved in it or their implementation is planned. This service is able to drastically reduce the number of expenses for servicing computers and networks and protect data from theft and hacker attacks.

• Contact only professionals!

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About Us

Liviera Investments Limited use many financial instruments to help you to achieve your economic goals.

We issue the following financial instruments: 
LC — Letter of Credit LC — Letter of Credit
DLC — Documentary Letter of Credit DLC — Documentary Letter of Credit
SBLC — Standby Letter of Credit SBLC — Standby Letter of Credit
BG — Bank Guarantee BG — Bank Guarantee
LG — Letter of Guarantee LG — Letter of Guarantee
POF — Proof of Funds POF — Proof of Funds
POA — Proof of Assets POA — Proof of Assets
POP — Proof of Product POP — Proof of Product

Additional service:
We also prepare draft banking documents, as well as provide services in the SWIFT system Services in the SWIFT system
Trade finance Trade finance
Factoring Factoring
Financial consulting Financial consulting
Financial consulting Trade consulting
IT consulting IT consulting
Packing credit Packing credit
Funding Funding
Monetization Monetization

We very actively work with the following countries:
China, India, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, United States of America, Canada, Nigeria, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Ghana, South Africa, Turkey and other countries.

Our team promotes your goals and helps you achieve high results.
We, Liviera Investments Limited, are interested in your pursuit of a prosperous business and we are doing our best to make your efforts a success.

Scheme of cooperation with Liviera Investments Limited

Our team will apply the maximum knowledge and experience so that your company develops and functions harmoniously. We are fundamentally different from other companies, because we know how to correctly use financial instruments to achieve your high results: a lot of our own running and functioning projects made it possible to study the process of successful business operation.

Our experts are well aware that any business consists of a huge number of nuances that need to be taken into account and approach every task thoroughly. Success guidelines do not exist, and our experts with professional skills will help you to achieve success soon. We find innovative solutions that we offer at your service!

Expert knowledge
We know that any business is accompanied by various difficulties, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Our specialists have gone through similar professional situations and can assist you in building an effective business process. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are experts in our work!

Our network:
Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, New Zealand, India, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, USA, Canada, Singapore, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Ghana, South Africa, Turkey, Slovakia , Bulgaria, Hungary.

Liviera Investments Limited is your financial partner for all your trade finance projects.

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