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If you have various financial issues of any complexity, you can use our financial consulting services. We will help you to overcome different financial problems and competently build a business, thanks to the financial assessment of our specialists. The help of our financial consultants will allow us to take planning and control of the company's financial flows to a new level, and will open up new opportunities on the path to their implementation.

After all, the main task of our specialists is the creation and growth of the shareholder value of the company

But to do this, you must follow a strictly planned plan of action: you contact our financial advisor, tell everything as it is, without hiding or embellishing, accurately and honestly report on all financial plans of the company, and the consultant will thoroughly understand, carefully examine the entire financial potential of the company and will offer you several solutions to achieve your financial plans.

Scheme finance consulting | Liviera Investments Ltd

Any company that seeks to succeed, expand business and increase profitability considers it necessary to use financial consulting services, because this complex helps create a reliable and efficient financial management system, helps optimize management accounting and finance management, and also determines the feasibility of introducing new directions in company activities.

Specialists of our company, within the framework of financial consulting services, will help you to solve the following tasks:

1. Financial analysis of the company
2. Valuation of property, assets and business of the company
3. Development of a feasibility study
4. Development of investment strategy
5. Investment design and consulting
6. Attraction of financing
7. Development of financial strategy
8. Evaluation of the investment attractiveness of the company
9. Examination of the company's business plans
10. Restructuring the company's debt
11. Financial planning and management
12. Other types of consulting services

If your company plans to reach a completely new quality level in the field of foreign trade relations, then you just need to contact us for advice!

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About Us

Liviera Investments Limited use many financial instruments to help you to achieve your economic goals.

We issue the following financial instruments: 
LC — Letter of Credit LC — Letter of Credit
DLC — Documentary Letter of Credit DLC — Documentary Letter of Credit
SBLC — Standby Letter of Credit SBLC — Standby Letter of Credit
BG — Bank Guarantee BG — Bank Guarantee
LG — Letter of Guarantee LG — Letter of Guarantee
POF — Proof of Funds POF — Proof of Funds
POA — Proof of Assets POA — Proof of Assets
POP — Proof of Product POP — Proof of Product

Additional service:
We also prepare draft banking documents, as well as provide services in the SWIFT system Services in the SWIFT system
Trade finance Trade finance
Factoring Factoring
Financial consulting Financial consulting
Financial consulting Trade consulting
IT consulting IT consulting
Packing credit Packing credit
Funding Funding
Monetization Monetization

We very actively work with the following countries:
China, India, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, United States of America, Canada, Nigeria, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Ghana, South Africa, Turkey and other countries.

Our team promotes your goals and helps you achieve high results.
We, Liviera Investments Limited, are interested in your pursuit of a prosperous business and we are doing our best to make your efforts a success.

Scheme of cooperation with Liviera Investments Limited

Our team will apply the maximum knowledge and experience so that your company develops and functions harmoniously. We are fundamentally different from other companies, because we know how to correctly use financial instruments to achieve your high results: a lot of our own running and functioning projects made it possible to study the process of successful business operation.

Our experts are well aware that any business consists of a huge number of nuances that need to be taken into account and approach every task thoroughly. Success guidelines do not exist, and our experts with professional skills will help you to achieve success soon. We find innovative solutions that we offer at your service!

Expert knowledge
We know that any business is accompanied by various difficulties, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Our specialists have gone through similar professional situations and can assist you in building an effective business process. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are experts in our work!

Our network:
Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, New Zealand, India, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, USA, Canada, Singapore, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Ghana, South Africa, Turkey, Slovakia , Bulgaria, Hungary.

Liviera Investments Limited is your financial partner for all your trade finance projects.

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