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Our advantages in the field of IT-consulting

The modern world dictates its own rules and requires full commitment on the way to its goal. In the conditions of a rapidly developing global market, information and computer technologies, Internet technologies, it is sometimes difficult for large or small companies to keep track of new ideas, concepts and trends, difficulties arise in meeting all world standards in working on the international market. The speed of development of the information and technological industry is so great that it becomes expedient in competent consultation and support of narrow specialists.

Our company is an unsurpassed professional in the field of IT-consulting!

Our team of competent experts and consultants will help solve a large variety of tasks.

We will consult and tell you everything related to the successful development of your business, analyze the effectiveness of existing IT systems and assess the effectiveness of business processes, give recommendations.

Tasks that can be solved by contacting our specialists:
development and organization of the optimal management structure development and organization of the optimal management structure of both production and business processes; organization and management of information technology
development of a corporate information system development of a corporate information system for communication and computing within the company
development of an optimal cost solution for maintaining development of an optimal cost solution for maintaining and improving the existing fleet of computer equipment and software necessary for the safe and uninterrupted operation of information technologies
increase the speed and increase the productivity of business processes increase the speed and increase the productivity of business processes and the introduction of automated control systems
Increasing the transparency of all business processes in the company Increasing the transparency of all business processes in the company for effective management and control at all levels: from director to hired staff
effective protection of personal data effective protection of personal data and optimal costs
licensing of software licensing of software used in the company
other tasks other tasks

advantages in the field of IT-consulting


Thanks to timely advice, a company can reduce the costs of implementing and implementing information technologies, get competent support from our IT consultants, protect internal networks from data leakage and hacker attacks. We will help the head of the company to imagine how rationally the invested funds are spent in various areas of IT-activity, and whether there is a need to redistribute them.

By entrusting us with the IT audit services of your company, you can be sure that you will get a number of advantages:

1. You don’t have to spend a long and tedious time looking for a competent specialist in your state, pay him a salary and spend large sums of money and time for his training.

2. You immediately receive an independent expert assessment of your business from professionals in their field.

3. Get a detailed plan for the integrated optimization of information processes in your company.

4. You get a unique opportunity to debug processes before certification audits, if necessary.

Our advantages in the field of IT-consulting:

1. Rich experience in the industry. More than 100 completed projects in the engineering systems design market. We are recommended to our business partners!

2. Highly qualified staff. All our employees have higher technical education and regularly undergo training and confirm their qualifications.

3. Individual approach to each project, we guarantee full transparency of work.

4. Timely implementation of the project in compliance with all deadlines, in accordance with the requirements of the concluded contract for the provision of services in the field of IT consulting.

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About Us

Liviera Investments Limited use many financial instruments to help you to achieve your economic goals.

We issue the following financial instruments: 
LC — Letter of Credit LC — Letter of Credit
DLC — Documentary Letter of Credit DLC — Documentary Letter of Credit
SBLC — Standby Letter of Credit SBLC — Standby Letter of Credit
BG — Bank Guarantee BG — Bank Guarantee
LG — Letter of Guarantee LG — Letter of Guarantee
POF — Proof of Funds POF — Proof of Funds
POA — Proof of Assets POA — Proof of Assets
POP — Proof of Product POP — Proof of Product

Additional service:
We also prepare draft banking documents, as well as provide services in the SWIFT system Services in the SWIFT system
Trade finance Trade finance
Factoring Factoring
Financial consulting Financial consulting
Financial consulting Trade consulting
IT consulting IT consulting
Packing credit Packing credit
Funding Funding
Monetization Monetization

We very actively work with the following countries:
China, India, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, United States of America, Canada, Nigeria, Singapore, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Ghana, South Africa, Turkey and other countries.

Our team promotes your goals and helps you achieve high results.
We, Liviera Investments Limited, are interested in your pursuit of a prosperous business and we are doing our best to make your efforts a success.

Scheme of cooperation with Liviera Investments Limited

Our team will apply the maximum knowledge and experience so that your company develops and functions harmoniously. We are fundamentally different from other companies, because we know how to correctly use financial instruments to achieve your high results: a lot of our own running and functioning projects made it possible to study the process of successful business operation.

Our experts are well aware that any business consists of a huge number of nuances that need to be taken into account and approach every task thoroughly. Success guidelines do not exist, and our experts with professional skills will help you to achieve success soon. We find innovative solutions that we offer at your service!

Expert knowledge
We know that any business is accompanied by various difficulties, but we are here to help you every step of the way. Our specialists have gone through similar professional situations and can assist you in building an effective business process. We have a wealth of experience and knowledge and are experts in our work!

Our network:
Great Britain, France, Germany, Russia, China, New Zealand, India, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, Malaysia, Greece, USA, Canada, Singapore, Belgium, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Afghanistan, Ukraine, Georgia, Romania, Ghana, South Africa, Turkey, Slovakia , Bulgaria, Hungary.

Liviera Investments Limited is your financial partner for all your trade finance projects.

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